Educational Observation Program (EOP)

Advanced Standing International Student Program (ISP)

The School of Dental Medicine (SDM) receives many requests for “shadowing” from aspiring applicants (visitors) to the Advanced Standing International Student Program (ISP) – where an SDM visitor, at least 18 years of age, observes dental students as they attend classes and perform various preclinical activities.

The Education Observation Program (EOP) or Shadowing at CUSDM is designed to provide a structured educational experience for those visitors.

Participants must apply through our website and must fulfill all requirements for participation.

To ensure that the experience is effective, we have limited the number of participants to 3 for any week the program is offered.

At least one week before the start date, participants must send an email with all completed, scanned documents to Rana Laouar at Please note it is the responsibility of the participants to acquire all signatures prior to the observation experience.

The day before the shadowing experience, participants must review HIPAA, FERPA, and Infection Control guidelines information provided and attest to and adhere by those guidelines.