Emergency Dental Care Clinic

University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

If you're experiencing a dental emergency, the compassionate staff at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine (CU SDM) can help. We are located on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. Our highly-trained third and fourth-year dental students, along with dental faculty supervision, provide emergency and urgent dental care treatments to current and new patients.

Types of Dental Emergencies:

Not all dental and orthodontic issues are considered an emergency. The types of emergencies we treat include:

  • Broken or missing filling or crown,
  • Lost or loose permanent tooth,
  • Pain, swelling, or trauma directly related to orthodontic appliances,
  • Tooth infection (symptoms include fever, tooth sensitivity, persistent tooth pain, facial swelling, and a bump on the gums near the infected tooth),
  • Sudden, unexplainable severe tooth pain,
  • Swollen jaw or mouth, and
  • Other urgent dental needs.

The following dental concerns are not considered emergencies, so you will need to make an appointment with your dental provider for treatment:

  • Loose brackets or bands and lost elastics.
  • Gums that only bleed while brushing or flossing.

Appointment Availability

Our walk-in urgent dental care clinic on the Anschutz Medical Campus operates on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Our dental staff is available to treat patients Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

After-Hours Emergency Dental Care

We understand that not all emergencies happen during regular operating hours. We provide 24-hour emergency dental care for our current CU Urgent Dental Care Clinic patients. For emergencies, please call the University of Colorado Hospital operator at 720-848-0000 to connect with the general practice resident on call.

Orthodontics: Our orthodontic residents are also on call to treat emergencies involving traditional metal braces, clear aligners (Invisalign), behind-the-teeth braces (Incognito), and other orthodontic appliances. For after-hours emergency dental care, please call 303-656-7082.

Putting off a dental emergency will only lead to more pain and more severe dental complications. If you're in need of emergency or urgent dental services, give us a call. The CU Dental Urgent Care Clinic provides emergency dental services to residents throughout the Denver Metropolitan Area.

New Patients: If you are not a current CU Dental patient, you can become one by calling 303-724-6941.

Current Patients: If you are a current patient, it is best to contact your student or resident dental provider to treat your dental emergency. Please call 303-724-6900 if your dental provider is unavailable.

Contact Us

13065 E. 17th Avenue, 1st Floor
Aurora, CO 80045
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Current Patients Phone: 303-724-6900
New Patients Phone: 303-724-6941

Clinic Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. & 2 p.m.


Let Us Help You Navigate Your Dental Care Journey

We encourage our patients to provide feedback about their experiences at the School of Dental Medicine. In the event you have a concern, complaint, or question about your dental experience, please contact our Patient Liaison at sdm-ptliaison@cuanschutz.edu or 303-724-7040.