Curriculum Overview

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Program

First-year courses focus on the basic sciences and the integration of this knowledge with the practice of dentistry. These include a human body systems course series that integrates the anatomy, physiology and microanatomy of each major body system with clinical correlations. Other basic science courses include molecular biosciences, embryology, craniofacial biology, oral histology, microbiology, immunology, and pathology. Additionally, students are introduced to dental care in courses related to dental anatomy, occlusion, oral radiology, periodontology, dental materials, and an innovative Introduction to Clinical Dentistry course series that prepares and provides students with patient care activities. Finally, students begin to develop their hand skills by taking simulation lab courses in both direct and indirect restorative procedures.

DSBS 5502 Microanatomy DSBS 5500 Embryology and Craniofacial Biology DSBS 5516 Pathology
DSBS 5504 Human Anatomy DSBS 5506 Oral Histology DSCD 5502 Nutrition
DSBS 5507 Molecular Biosciences DSBS 5511 Invaders and Protectors DSCD 5503 Person Centered Care
DSBS 5508 Physiology DSOD 5502 Oral Radiology Lecture DSOD 5500 Assessment of the Dental Patient
DSCD 55019 Community Public Health 1 DSOD 5503 Oral Radiology Laboratory DSOP 5506 Principles of Operative Dentistry - Direct Restorations 2
DSRE 5001 Introduction to Dentistry DSOP 5504 Principles of Operative Dentistry - Direct Restoration 1 Lecture DSOP 5507 Principles of Oper‚Äčative Dentistry - Direct Restorations 2 Lab
DSRE 5500 Dental Anatomy DSOP 5505 Principles of Operative Dentistry - Direct Restoration 1 Lab DSPE 5500 Periodontics 1
DSRE 5501 Dental Anatomy Laboratory DSRE 5506 Occlusion 1 Lecture DSRE 5503 Dental Materials 2
DSRE 5504 Dental Materials Science 1 DSRE 5507 Occlusion 1 Laboratory DSRE 5508 Indirect Single Tooth Restoration 1
DSRE 5520  Introduction to Clinical Dentistry 1 DSRE 5521 Introduction to Clinical Dentistry 2 DSRE 5522 Introduction to Clinical Dentistry 3
DSSD 5501 Clinical Correlations IPED 5002 Interprofessional Education and Development I