Center for Oral Disease Prevention
and Population Health Research (COPPR)

The Center for Oral Disease Prevention and Population Health Research (COPPR) is an Anschutz Medical Campus resource that supports collaborative interprofessional education, research, and clinical programs to improve oral health across communities. COPPR brings together recognized experts to facilitate population health research, education, and training activities that can improve clinical decision-making, support health informatics, and advance oral health, particularly for historically marginalized populations.

COPPR was established in December 2010 to advance interprofessional education, training, and research that can improve oral health. The mission of the Center is to develop interprofessional collaborative partnerships on the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus for research, education, and service to reduce oral disease and improve oral health among Colorado residents and those living in the greater Mountain West region.

The main goals of the Center are:

  1. To support research activities in population health that have the potential of improving oral health,
  2. To facilitate pre-doctoral and post-doctoral educational activities in dental public health that increase student skills and understanding, and
  3. To provide training opportunities among health professionals that advances provider knowledge.

The Center endeavors to reach these goals through the perspective of advancing oral health for all communities.

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