Refer A Patient

If you’re a dental provider and you’d like to make a referral, we are here to help you and your patient. The following clinics are currently taking referrals:

Send referral information to or (303) 724-0600 (fax). If you have not received a call in five to 10 business days, please call (303) 724-5571. All referrals should include the most current x-rays available in JPEG form. Please advise your patient that dental work at the university clinics is in a learning environment, and their initial appointment is a consultation, and no treatment will be provided.

The Referral Process and FAQ's:

Once we receive a completed referral (includes all patient information, indicates dental treatment needed, and includes any available x-rays) a chart is created for you and your referral is assigned to the applicable clinic or clinics within our school.  Your treatment is then reviewed to ensure the treatment needed is appropriate for our school setting.  After this, someone will reach out to you regarding further information about receiving treatment, or in some cases, if we are unable to accommodate you.

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