Geriatric Dental Medicine Fellowship

The Geriatric Dental Medicine Fellowship prepares dentists in a multidisciplinary setting to improve the healthcare of medically complex and vulnerable older adults. It is a full-time 12-month graduate program that begins July 1 of each year and utilizes a combination of didactic learning, clinical education and teaching, and community-based experiential learning.


The Department of Community Dentistry and Population Health developed this post-doctoral fellowship in response to the State of Colorado legislation (SB23-031) authorizing the creation of a multidisciplinary healthcare provider training program to improve the healthcare of medically complex and vulnerable older Coloradans.

Training provides fellows with a range of experiences across diverse populations and settings, including the dental school’s Senior and Special Care Clinic, UC Health Hospital and Seniors Clinic, long-term care and senior residential communities, and with other community partners that provide oral healthcare to large numbers of older adults.

Fellows’ learning experiences will focus on a holistic health approach that includes:

  1. Advanced clinical geriatric dentistry;
  2. Interprofessional geriatric patient assessment and care coordination;
  3. Studies in gerontology with an emphasis on the physical, mental and social aspects and implications of aging;
  4. Dental public health considerations for vulnerable older adult populations; and community outreach.

A stipend will be paid comparable to a PGY1 resident for the 2024-2025 program year.

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