Connections in Dentistry

The Connections in Dentistry program connects current dental students to practicing dentists in the area for potential mentorship and networking opportunities. 

An alumnus and a student visit at an event.


Let's Connect. 

Mentorship is the cornerstone of the Connections in Dentistry program. 


SDM students have indicated they want to meet dentists who share a similar career path to the one they envision, and they want to meet dentists who share similar identities to them. The Connections in Dentistry program is designed to give students: 

  • The skills needed to grow and broaden their professional networks;
  • Access to experienced individuals to turn to for guidance and advice; and
  • The resources needed to begin their job search or residency application process. 

Interested in connecting with a mentor? Email Nicole Dole, Associate Director of Admissions and Student Engagement, to get started: 


SDM alumni, we hope you feel inspired to become a mentor, to offer guidance to new dentists – and fellow SDM alums – as they begin their careers. Consider some of the many benefits:

  • Build relationships with up-and-coming professionals in the field of dentistry, 
  • Enhance your own leadership skills, and 
  • Connect with the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine in a meaningful way. 

We respect your time and understand you lead busy lives. Your participation, at any level of involvement, is impactful. To indicate your interest and the level of involvement you’d like to dedicate to the Connections in Dentistry program, please complete our survey: 

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