Access to Care Initiative

Division of Endodontics

The Division of Endodontics at the CU School of Dental Medicine is committed to teaching dental students a strong foundation in endodontics by providing a broad, patient-based experience in the diagnosis and management of endodontic disease, with a heavy emphasis on case-selection, referral relationships, and delivery of a mindful endodontic intervention.

‚ÄčIn achieving this goal, we are partnering with Colorado dental providers. Colorado dental providers who have an adult patient (18 or older) who is contemplating extracting a tooth because of financial constraints, we can help. As an alternative to tooth loss, we are offering to provide root canal treatment for the price of an extraction ($102); we can provide a permanent build-up or leave a post space, at your request and at no additional cost. We will refer the patient back to your practice for any  restorative needs.

At the CU School of Dental Medicine Student Clinic, endodontic treatment is performed under the supervision of an endodontist. Our students use advanced techniques and technologies (including NiTi rotaries, apex locators, bioceramics, magnification) in an evidence-based approach, to make root canal treatment comfortable and effective for the patient. Patients are cared for in our private treatment suites for increased comfort.

Because this is a teaching environment, the average molar root canal could take approximately two to three appointments to complete. The average anterior/premolar could take one to two appointments to complete; additional appointments may be required on a case-by-case basis.

To determine if your patient may be a good candidate, please complete the referral form . Qualifying patients will be invited to attend a complimentary screening appointment before formal acceptance. Please email the referral form and all relevant radiographs to or fax to (303) 724-0600.

Medicaid and dental insurance accepted; limitations and other considerations apply.