CU Program for Low-Income Seniors: Senior Smiles

The Colorado Dental Health Care Program for Low-Income Seniors is a state-funded grant designed to provide dental care for qualifying seniors in Colorado. Guidelines for eligibility and participation are established by the State of Colorado.

Who qualifies for this program? 

Patients who are currently participating in the CU Dental Team Care Clinics or those who are accepted through the CU School of Dental Medicine screening process and

  • Age 60+ 
  • Do not qualify for Medicaid or Old Age Pension Health and Medical Care Program
  • Do not have private dental insurance
  • Income at or below 250% of the most current federal poverty guidelines based on family size 
  • Colorado Resident 

Important Information:
Carefully read the following information about the CU Senior Smiles Program:

  • Not all procedures are covered by the program. While Senior Smiles covers about 90% of the procedures we provide, there are procedures that are NOT COVERED by this program (not an exhaustive list):
    • Implants/Implant-related treatments
    • Fixed bridges
    • Periodontal surgeries
    • Occlusal guards, Night guards, Bite guards
    • Teeth whitening
    • 3-D scanning
    • Interim dentures

Any procedures not covered by the program will be the patient's responsibility.

If your treatment includes an immediate denture, the program will cover EITHER the immediate denture OR the final denture - NOT BOTH!

The School of Dental Medicine does not guarantee funding of treatment.
Funding for a patient's care is on a first-come-first-served basis. We will inform you if funding limitations affect your treatment coverage.

This program does not provide any coverage in the Dental Faculty Practice.
The funding is for the student clinics and, where approved, the resident clinics.

Note: You must notify the school immediately upon:

  • Any changes in financial status;
  • Enrollment in Medicaid dental coverage or any other dental insurance policy (this includes any dental coverage attached to your Medicare benefits).
    • If you fail to notify us of the changes above, you will be responsible for any charges incurred at the dental school following the change in status.

  • Delta Dental Policy-Holders:
    The School of Dental Medicine will submit pre-determination inquiries to Delta for the treatment you are seeking at the school. This is required by the State of Colorado since Delta is considered your primary insurance. If your treatment procedures are covered benefits under the Senior Smiles program, whatever is not covered by your Delta plan will be covered by Senior Smiles. You might receive mail correspondence from Delta called an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from the predetermination we send. You are not required to pay any balance from this statement: this will be submitted to Senior Smiles for payment by our Billing department. You may disregard this notice.


    Please contact our Patient Liaison at or (303) 724-7040.